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  Legal Note





This website aims to provide general information on the subjects dealt with. The information provided may not correspond to an in-depth level of the same subjects, nor does it seek to establish a business relationship, but rather to provide information.

The information contained herein is not intented to constitute an audit, consultancy, or any other type of service, which is why consultation of information on the site does not dispense direct contact with RLGM in order to confirm the information avaliable.

The use of the information made available for information purposes is authorized, but its use is not authorized for commercial purposes, without authorization being requested for it.

The RLGM logo and its trade name may not be used for commercial or other purposes other than merely informative, without express written permission.

Even after authorization has been obtained, it should always be mentioned the copyright in the information used.

In case of doubt if case fits into obtaining simple information, or if authorization from RLGM will be necessary for your use, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The user assumes responsibility for the use of this document and the information contained therein, and any misuse will always be the responsibility of the user, not RLGM.

It may also be possible for the user to find information, written or drawn, which may be owned by another entity, having RLGM requested authorization for its use, for information purposes only.

The information contained in this website is not exempt from the possibility of errors, so RLGM, can not be held responsible for any error or lapse on this website.

In “links” tab you can find links to websites outside RLGM, about which RLGM has no responsibility whatsoever for the information contained therein or for the improper use that users may take of the information contained therein, or even for damage/alterated links provoked by virus or informatic issues/vulnerabilities/attacks.





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