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RLGM provides several services in areas related to auditing, among which we highlight:

          - Legal Review of Financial Statements

          - Auditing of Financial Statements

          - Related Services

          - Consulting

          - Training Actions


Legal Review of Financial Statements



The main activity of Rosa Lopes, Gonçalves Mendes & Associados, SROC, Lda., Is the Legal Review of Financial Statements, which is attributed by the Statutes of Portuguese Instituto of Statutory Auditos (EOROC), approved by Law no. 140/2015, of 7 September.

The Legal Review of Financial Statements, in addition to a legal imposition, as will be verified below, allows to give an increased level of confidence to the entity's accounts, increasing its credibility and value.

The Legal Revision of Financial Statements is a legal imposition arising from the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code (article 262, paragraph 2):

"2 - Companies that do not have a fiscal council shall designate a statutory auditor to carry out a statutory audit if, for two consecutive years, two of the following three limits are exceeded:

a) Balance sheet total - € 1,500,000;
b) Total net sales and other income - € 3,000,000.00;
c) Number of employees employed on average during the year - 50. "


The entities required to prepare Consolidated Financial Statements are also obliged to submit them to the Statutory Auditor for examination (Article 508-D of the CSC):

"1. The entity drawing up the consolidated accounts shall submit them for examination by the statutory auditor and its supervisory body in accordance with Articles 451 to 454, with the necessary adaptations.
2. If such entity does not have a supervisory body, it shall have the consolidated accounts audited, in accordance with the previous number, by a statutory auditor.
3. The person or persons responsible for auditing consolidated accounts shall also issue an opinion on whether or not the consolidated annual report of the consolidated financial statements for the same financial year is consistent with the respective statutory audit.
... "

The entities / companies covered by the Securities Market Code are also obligated by both the Code and the Commercial Companies Code, to the Legal Review of Financial Statements.

More recently, and following the publication of Law No. 73/2013 of 3 September 2013 Financial regime‖ of Local Government and Inter-municipal entities, municipalities and municipal associations entities that own capital in foundations, municipal companies, inter-municipal or public limited companies are obliged to the Legal Review of Financial Statements, as provided in articles 76 and 77 of the same law:


Article 76
3 - provision of documents all the entities referred to in paragraph 1, which are required, under the law, to adopt accrual accounting, are sent to the deliberative body for consideration along with the legal certification of accounts and opinion on the same submitted by the statutory auditor or audit firm, in accordance with the terms of the following article. "

Article 77

"1. The external auditor, responsible for legal certification of accounts, is appointed by resolution of the deliberative body, on a proposal of the executive body, from auditors or audit firms accounts ..
2. The external auditor shall be responsible for the annual audit of the accounts:
(e) issue an opinion on the accounts for the financial year, in particular on the budgetary implementation, balance sheet and consolidated financial statements and annexed to the financial statements required by law or determined by the municipal assembly. "

The Statutory Auditors is assignment to carry out statutory certification of accounts is provided for in Article 41, in conjunction with Articles 42 to 46 of the EOROC.




Auditing of Financial Statements



In addition to the Legal Revision of Financial Statements in the scope imposed by law, RLGM also performs Audits to Financial Statements, without being necessarily imposed by law, which may follow the Audit Form in the scope of a Legal Certification of Financial Statements, or can be made in a diferent template, agreed with the client, thus allowing, for example, the treatment of a specific area.

The Audit of Financial Statements may also be carried out in response to its need projected in the statutes of the company / entity.

This Audit of Financial Statements is also beneficial to the credibility and image of the company / entity, since, although it is not legally imposed, it is carried out with the same level of rigor and seriousness.

As already mentioned in the Legal Review of Financial Statements, it is the exclusive competence of the Statutory Auditors to carry out the Audit of Financial Statements (EOROC, articles 41 to 43).




Related Services



RLGM also assures all other services that are the responsibility of the Official Chartered Accountants, among which stand out:

          - Verification of Entries in Kind in the constitution and capital increase of companies;

          - Certification of Financing, Co-Financed and Non-Financed Projects;

          - Supervision of projects of spin-off and merger;

          - Evaluation of the counterpart in the exoneration of members of a company / entity;
          - Company Ratings / Corporate Finance;

          - Supervision of Liquidations;


          - Due Diligence


The competence to execute the Related Services is projected in article 41, paragraph 1 of the EOROC:

"1. The following functions of public interest are exclusive competence of statutory auditors:
b) The performance of any other functions required by law the proper and autonomous intervention of statutory auditors on certain acts or patrimonial facts of companies or other entities.

Like previous ones, these Services are defined in Article 42 (c):

"Examinations and other services related to the accounts of companies or other entities carried out according to the technical norms approved or recognized by the Order shall be defined by:
c) Services related to those referred to in the preceding paragraphs, when they have a specific or limited purpose and / or scope. "







Following the services rendered by RLGM, consulting services are also carried out, which are complementary to the Legal Revision of Financial Statements, Auditing of Financial Statements and Related Services.

Legal and tax advice is provided, Corporate Reorganization, Management Audit, Prevision Audit, Outsourcing of Internal Audit, Balanced Scorecard, Strategic Studies, among others.

The Consulting aims to provide support and clarification to the companies / entities, so that they can add value and thus increase their productivity.

RLGM is authorized to carry out the Consultancy service under article 48 of the EOROC:


"It is also the function of statutory auditors, outside the scope of those of public interest, to carry out the following activities:
c) Consultancy and other services in matters related to their professional training and professional qualifications, such as appraisals, appraisals and arbitrations, studies of reorganization and restructuring of companies and other entities, financial analysis, economic and financial feasibility studies, studies and opinions on accounting matters, review of tax returns, preparation of studies, opinions and other support and advice in tax and parafiscal matters and review of environmental and sustainability reports, provided they are performed with hierarchical and functional autonomy; "




Training Actions



RLGM carries out training activities for our clients, in the areas of accounting, taxation and auditing, provided they are requested as soon as necessary, in order to have the necessary time to analyze its possibility, as well as the preparation thereof.

We have personnel duly qualified for the ministry of formation, possessing the respective Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP), this in addition to the vast experience in teaching in higher education by the Partners.







Official Society of Statutory Auditors   

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