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  Our Values





A company should not be governed solely by economic and finacial principles. As a social organization integrated in a society in which values must be an identifying image, one must be guided by ethical standards and principles in conducting business and assuming social responsibilities.

The values of an entity are its moral substrate, which guides the company in setting the goals and objectives to be achieved, never neglecting the quality of service provided, and search for innovation.

Values are what allow a complete perception of the reality that surrounds the entity thus helping a timely reaction to the changes that are operating in the various surroundings.

It is within this philosophy that Rosa Lopes, Gonçalves Mendes & Associados, SROC, Lda., has defined a Code of Ethical Business Conduct, which guides those working in the company and for the company. The main values defended by RLGM are:


ÉTHICS – The company should always be guided by ethic principles and its employees should guide their performance by high standards of integrity and honesty;

RESPONSABILITY – People are the key to organizations, so that the company will encourage social and individual responsibility, guaranteeing dignity to their workers, adequate compensation and the possibility of valuation and personal fulfillment;

LEGALITY – The company and its employees undertake to carry out their activities in full compliance with the Law, wherever their activity develops;

CONFIDENTIALITY – Employees must guarantee the confidentiality of the company and its clients;

PRINCIPLE OF NON-CONPETITION – Employees undertake not to engage in any external professional activity competing with the company's activities;

EQUALITY OF OPORTUNITIES – The company undertakes to promote equal opportunities for all its employees, while respecting their moral integrity.





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